What are the ways that Rosy helps to maximize the value of my real estate investment?

April 22nd, 2017 Posted by 0 thoughts on “What are the ways that Rosy helps to maximize the value of my real estate investment?”

Rosy is your operating partner in managing the value of your real estate holdings.  Typically, a real estate agent is your transactional partner and helps with the important tasks of finding, valuing, financing and selling your investment property.  As your operating partner, Rosy plays a critical role in managing the holding costs of your property which can have a material impact on the overall returns you get from your investment.  Important holding costs that require careful management include the following:

  • Minimizing vacancy periods
  • Quality tenant selection and retention (this is why your property manager needs to treat tenants as an important stakeholder and meet their needs)
  • Reasonable lease-up fees and costs
  • Proactive maintenance to preserve and protect the property
  • Prompt and cost effective repairs
  • Proactive access to local tax, energy and service provider (such as insurance company)  benefits, rebates and discounts
  • Sensible, value-creating investments in upgrades
  • Reasonable and fair ongoing property management fees
  • Timely and accurate financial and tax record keeping

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