Why is Rosy’s unbundling of services of value to me?

April 22nd, 2017 Posted by 0 thoughts on “Why is Rosy’s unbundling of services of value to me?”

We offer a full menu of property management services in a format that makes it easy for users to tailor a service package to fit their specific needs and budget.  When we unbundle services it creates a more transparent view of what each service costs and better aligns the fees you are charged to services actually used by you. So, for example, unbundling repair supervision fees from a monthly subscription allows you to pay a fair fee for repair supervision service only when a repair is made, rather than having it hidden in an aggregated monthly fee. When services are bundled together, you are probably paying for services that you’re not using.  Ultimately it allows the user to determine the relevance and value of each service to their particular needs.

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