Simply put, Rosy is a new kind of property management service. Rosy provides an improved solution for managing residential rental properties that helps to properly and effectively maintain your rental, maximize investment value and minimize the hassle that often comes with being a landlord. We offer a full menu of property management services in a model that makes it easy for users to tailor a service package to fit their specific needs and budget.

We only manage residential properties for homeowners who are unintentional landlords (due to job transfer, market conditions, etc.), small investor landlords, small condo associations (usually under 5 units) and owner-occupied homes.  We do not manage commercial properties or large apartment and condominium complexes.

Rosy offers a highly flexible, unbundled service platform so you only pay for the services you use. Our monthly subscription service plans start at $150/month. Our non-subscription services (such as repair services) are charged on a per use basis. If your property is in good shape you should be able to save a lot of money. Since we do not charge a percentage of the rent, our fees often average out to less than half that of a traditional property management company.

We price our services fairly on a flat-fee and usage basis.  Our fee levels are set by using our costs to deliver a quality solution plus a fair profit. Traditional property managers charge a single monthly fee (usually 8-to-10 percent of monthly rents).  This “one size fits all” fee structure does not factor in the quality or condition of your property and, therefore, the likely utilization of their services.  So, the higher the rent, the higher the fee…even though the well maintained, higher rent property requires less management service than a lesser maintained property commanding a much lower rent.  The traditional fee structure doesn’t make sense.

We offer a full menu of property management services in a format that makes it easy for users to tailor a service package to fit their specific needs and budget.  When we unbundle services it creates a more transparent view of what each service costs and better aligns the fees you are charged to services actually used by you. So, for example, unbundling repair supervision fees from a monthly subscription allows you to pay a fair fee for repair supervision service only when a repair is made, rather than having it hidden in an aggregated monthly fee. When services are bundled together, you are probably paying for services that you’re not using.  Ultimately it allows the user to determine the relevance and value of each service to their particular needs.

This arrangement favors properties that are well maintained and in good overall condition with good tenants.  If you have that type of property you are probably way overpaying for your property management services. It is likely that you have few unpredicted incidents and low tenant turnover but, nonetheless, are paying for associated services in your flat, percentage of rent fee.  In fact, even if you don’t have the perfect property it’s probably to your advantage, and you will save considerable costs, by paying for services on a per-use basis.

Yes, you are free to combine our services into a full-service property management package and you get all the benefits of our improved service offer.

Owner occupied home customers usually opt into a package that includes our maintenance services and access to our call center, ProDesk and field repair and upgrade services.  Our services include a comprehensive home inventory and maintenance plan…so we get to know your home and its requirements.

When you subscribe to any of our services you are set up with an account on our proprietary mobile app platform.  The platform’s simple navigation allows you to manage your Rosy account, receive status updates and notices on your property, request support services, handle various financial matters and to retrieve documents and records relating to your property’s legal, tenant and financial matters.  The platform is designed by Rosy to specifically meet the needs of individual and small investor property owners.

Our focus and expertise in home systems and construction allow us to quickly diagnose most problems and match the proper trades to provide a cost effective solution.  We have the knowledge and expertise to be an owner advocate by scrutinizing trade job requirements and challenging inappropriate or excessive costs.  We work to keep your operating costs low.

As we get to know your property and you build trust in our knowledge and expertise you may want to turn to us to advise and assist in property upgrades and remodeling.  We have considerable experience in residential design, construction and energy efficient building systems, including solar installations.  When the occasion arises, we are available to provide guidance.

Our field services are available currently in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia.  Subscriptions to our call center and other centralized support services, including our proprietary app, are available across the U.S.

Rosy is your operating partner in managing the value of your real estate holdings.  Typically, a real estate agent is your transactional partner and helps with the important tasks of finding, valuing, financing and selling your investment property.  As your operating partner, Rosy plays a critical role in managing the holding costs of your property which can have a material impact on the overall returns you get from your investment.  Important holding costs that require careful management include the following:

  • Minimizing vacancy periods
  • Quality tenant selection and retention (this is why your property manager needs to treat tenants as an important stakeholder and meet their needs)
  • Reasonable lease-up fees and costs
  • Proactive maintenance to preserve and protect the property
  • Prompt and cost effective repairs
  • Proactive access to local tax, energy and service provider (such as insurance company)  benefits, rebates and discounts
  • Sensible, value-creating investments in upgrades
  • Reasonable and fair ongoing property management fees
  • Timely and accurate financial and tax record keeping