Rosy saves landlords time, money, and provides peace of mind.

Here’s what sets us apart from traditional property managers…


We’re not a real estate broker or manager of large properties.  Rosy is 100% dedicated to managing properties for homeowners and small investors.  You get our full attention.


Tired of clueless staff? Our ProDesk service is staffed with experts who can help diagnose issues and find the best solution.

Sensible Pricing

Other companies charge a hefty percentage of your rental income. Rosy charges fair, flat monthly subscription and usage-based fees, with no confusing or hidden charges.

Tailored Service

We don’t bundle services that you don’t need.  With Rosy, you only pay for the services and repairs you want, as you go.

Easy Access

Playing “Where’s Waldo” with your property manager isn’t fun.  Our custom App keeps us in touch and provides 24/7 instant access to the condition and status of your home(s).


Have a sluggish property manager? They probably rely on old support systems.  We built our modern systems from the ground up to deliver the right, cost-effective solutions and responsive service.

The Rosy Advantage

Here’s how much you should expect to save using Rosy’s services versus a traditional property manager…

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