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Rosy is your single source for home maintenance and repairs.

Here’s why working with Rosy is better than D-I-Y home care:


Tired of scouring online ratings sites, friends and family for help with your home? Now you have a one-stop shop; no more searches for trustworthy trades. From finding the right professionals to the best products, Rosy can help you do it all.


Simply, Rosy knows homes and can get things taken care of efficiently and cost effectively. Our experts help diagnose issues and find the best solution.


Have you ever felt like you were being taken advantage of? Rosy acts as your trusted advisor to ensure you’re getting the right solution and paying the right price.


We can help you manage maintenance, repairs, improvements and more. We do all the scheduling and heavy lifting, you only need to make one call and we’ll help you take care of it.


Rosy helps you plan ahead and budget for future home improvements and replacement needs. So you don’t get caught off guard with huge expenses and stressful surprises.


Lack of time, energy or interest often leads to costly neglect. Rosy can provide the attentiveness needed to protect the value of your largest asset and free up your valuable time as well.


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